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“School and Community Safety Leadership Group”

The 4Pointe group provides EXPERTISE and GUIDANCE to Schools and Communities to elevate Safety and Security.

Security and Technology Audits and Assessments

Site Security, Policy Review, Security Assessments, CPTED, Exercise Planning and Execution.

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Crisis Response Assessments and Procedures

Transform your response to meet real-world practices to maintain effective safety.

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Security and Technology Training and Coaching

Real-time training, coaching, use of technology in safety, staff development and response planning.

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Schools and Student Support – Truancy Boards

Planning, processing, and managing effective staff and student relationship and maintaining effective truancy boards.

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Pacific Northwest Center for Excellence in School Safety

The Pacific Northwest Center for Excellence in School Safety is a project lead by the 4Pointe group. Our goal is to promote discussion, sharing, and information exchange with school safety stakeholders in order to advance school safety in all of the Pacific Northwest.

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